Monday, October 24, 2011

Moving out of Flatpress and into Ode

I’m in the process of moving the entries from this blog into my new site at Eventually I hope to have the Debian posts on that blog, running under the Ode platform, appearing with their own theme, something (i.e. different themes for different parts of the same site) that is very possible to do in Ode, a system developed by Rob Reed to use flat files like FlatPress, but in a less-WordPress-ish and more Blosxom-y way.

Today I turned off comments for all of these FlatPress blog entries because they have been attracting a significant amount of spam.

Turning off comments in FlatPress is not done globally. You (and most recently I) must go into each entry, one by one, and turn off comments for that particular entry. And hitting the “back” key in the browser sends you not to the page of entries you were working on but instead takes you back to the first page of entries. Opening up each entry in a new tab is the way I got around this.

I’m using Disqus comments on my new site, and for now I’ll keep them open on all entries. Some bloggers I know keep comments open on entries for a few weeks, then close them to discourage spam. I think this is a good practice, especially because most comments on old blog entries seem to point out that something in the entry is no longer correct now that the software/hardware/regime/world has changed.

I’ve got maybe a fifth of these entries at, and I’ll move the rest as time allows. Once they’re all moved, I’ll either post an entry saying that this particular blog (in FlatPress) is “frozen,” or I might just take the site down entirely since all the content will be available at the new site.

Since this is a “new” entry, I will leave comments turned on for now and see how the spam-related consequences manifest themselves.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Life, the Universe and Debian is back

Sorry it took so long.

I had a couple of issues with my web host. They’re not exactly related but became so once the whole ball got rolling.

My attempt to renew the domain name for this site failed, so the domain expired. Once I learned of the expiration (hint for the future: make the e-mail contact for your domain an e-mail account you actually check), I re-did the renewal, this time successfully.

Being honest, I think the “fail” was on my part. I renewed a few domains and probably renewed one that didn’t “need” it while skipping one of those that did need it.

Concurrently, while I’ve been using subdomains like, I never set up the “root” domain

I’d been meaning to take care of the “root” domain issue. Once I did, my subdomains stopped working.

So I backed up the content in the subdomains, removed the subdomains from the hosted account and then re-created and tested them.

I’m just now moving the content back into the newly created subdomains. If you can read this (and if you couldn’t read it, I’d have a hell of a time writing it), is back.

While the site has been down, I’ve been blogging about Debian (among other things) at Click.

Recent Debian entries over there include:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The search box in FlatPress only searches blog titles, not full text

I just found out that the search function built into FlatPress does not look at the text of the entries but only at the titles (and possibly the tags; I’ll have to check on that one).

I know this because I was searching for an entry, and it wouldn’t come up when searching for a word I knew was in the body of the entry but not necessarily the title.

It’s not a FlatPress deal-breaker, but bloggers might want to explore the alternatives. I’ve been using the Google Custom Search box on some of my other blogs, and that works very well.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FlatPress revs to 0.1010.1 to fix login/authentication exploit

fp-logo-smaller.png If you’re running a FlatPress blog, keeping an eye on the main site and the forums lets you know about any potential problems with the software as well as available solutions.

That’s especially the case right now as forum member pierovdfn has released a patch to one of the PHP files in FlatPress that eliminates a potential exploit in the authentication code.

FlatPress creator NowhereMan has already updated the FlatPress code and released it as 0.1010.1.

For existing FlatPress installations, applying the patch is as easy as swapping in 21 lines of PHP code. I did it this morning, and everything is working fine.

Monday, March 7, 2011

PPLOG - a flat-file, Puppy-friendly blogging system written in Perl

I got a comment from BK (it could be Puppy lead developer Barry Kauler, or not …) about PPLOG, a flat-file blogging system that — like Bloxsom and Ode — consists of a single Perl script and very little else.
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Friday, March 4, 2011

FlatPress tip: Enable the PostViews plugin and get a visitor-per-post count

I wondered why the official FlatPress blog shows the number of views per post, and mine did not.
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