Friday, June 10, 2011

Life, the Universe and Debian is back

Sorry it took so long.

I had a couple of issues with my web host. They’re not exactly related but became so once the whole ball got rolling.

My attempt to renew the domain name for this site failed, so the domain expired. Once I learned of the expiration (hint for the future: make the e-mail contact for your domain an e-mail account you actually check), I re-did the renewal, this time successfully.

Being honest, I think the “fail” was on my part. I renewed a few domains and probably renewed one that didn’t “need” it while skipping one of those that did need it.

Concurrently, while I’ve been using subdomains like, I never set up the “root” domain

I’d been meaning to take care of the “root” domain issue. Once I did, my subdomains stopped working.

So I backed up the content in the subdomains, removed the subdomains from the hosted account and then re-created and tested them.

I’m just now moving the content back into the newly created subdomains. If you can read this (and if you couldn’t read it, I’d have a hell of a time writing it), is back.

While the site has been down, I’ve been blogging about Debian (among other things) at Click.

Recent Debian entries over there include: